Real testimonials from people who have “DeFlamed”

This section includes success stories from real people who have committed themselves to the DeFlaming process. These are not unique and isolated experiences. 

If you would like to have us include your Success Story, please contact us and we will post your story. Let us know please if you would like to include your name and city. Otherwise, we will use your initials and state.


I seriously strained ligaments and tendons in my low back while engaged in heavy lifting one day. There was no pain after the initial click in my back, but I awoke in extreme pain with my back in total spasm at 3AM the following morning. My VERY active lifestyle came to a screeching halt.


I could not remain in a set position for more than 15 minutes before pain would cause me to rotate from sitting to standing to lying down. Sleep was only possible on the floor and my fulfilling sex life was now just a memory. 


I was prescribed medicine after medicine, but those that were effective to control the pain retarded my ability to concentrate and made me nauseous. I became a glutton, as food was one of the few pleasures I could still enjoy. I went from a fit 185lbs to a flabby 210lbs and my waist size went from 34″ to a 40”.


After 5 months of this torture, I was told by my orthopedist that the majority of back pain was enigmatic and that western medicine just doesn’t know much about the underlying causes of back pain. I was told to begin to accept that this may be my new “norm of life”.


At the behest of a friend, I sought out chiropractic care and met with noticeable success. Months of adjustments, traction, ultrasound & heat therapy brought me 50% relief.


I was recommend to to try the DeFlaming Process. My pain noticeably lessened within a week. Within a month, I was able to return slowly to the martial art I loved. Returning to the gym came a couple of weeks later. My weight also dropped from the 210 pounds I had gained to 165 pounds. After I returned to a regular schedule of weightlifting and martial arts, I was once again a fit 185 pounds.


It has now been some time since I have felt an ache or pain in my back and the intensity of the pain is hard to remember. 

Dr. Ryan Hamlin, a chiropractor in North Carolina used the DeFlame program to get ready for a Marathon after a grade 2 ankle sprain.


Click here to read the details of Dr. Hamlin’s Deflaming Program.

Recently I visited the dentist for my quarterly cleaning. My teeth are cleaned quarterly due to gum disease.


Today they were checked my gums, rechecked and finally said, “did you change toothbrushes or changed your daily care?” I replied “no.” In surprise, they said my periodontal score went from a 4 to a 1, and this took place in just 3 months.


As I have continued on the anti-inflammatory diet, with particular focus on the elimination of grains, the following has occurred:

-No burning feet at night

-No creaky joints in the morning

-No joints sensitive to touch

-No waking in the night with a knee that feels like a melon

-Fingers bend freely upon awaking


Jo Ann Hystrom

Annandale, MN

A 55 year-old male attorney and former long distance runner presented with chronic low back pain and bilateral foot/heel pain of approximately one year duration. He took 5 Aleve/day because he could not walk without significant limp due to the pain. I examined him and aside from his chronic pain, his exam was relatively good for a 55 year-old male. However, I did not treat him that day as I wanted to first review his x-rays and he was also in a hurry to leave because he was going out of town.


In an effort to get some form of treatment going until I saw him again, I gave him the Deflaming Guidelines. I explained it briefly and he was to follow up with me the next week upon his return to town. He came back one week later, said he followed the deflaming diet almost 100% and had entirely stopped taking Aleve, as he no longer had any pain or stiffness! He said that he eliminated 80% of what he normally ate (the majority of foods the Deflaming Guidelines say to avoid) and replaced it with the foods recommended in the guidelines. He was absolutely amazed at how great he felt. I was also amazed as I had witnessed many patients helped by the deflaming diet, but typically not this fast or so dramatically.


Mark King, DC

Cincinnati, OH

A 35 year old woman presented with a 2 year history of low back pain and sciatic symptoms. They initially appeared during her first pregnancy. Following history and examination she was diagnosed to have a mechanical problem of her lower spinal joints, causing inflammation and irritation of the joints and nerves. This is widely known as sciatica.


A course of chiropractic care (spinal adjustments and soft tissue work) greatly reduced her symptoms. However, after two months of care, she was still experiencing bad pain in the mornings. It is widely accepted that areas of inflammation are worse during the morning hours, and in this case for some reason, the body did not seem to be able to fully heal her injury.


The idea of an anti-inflammatory diet was explained to her. She agreed to cut out all cereal grains and dairy products for one week, in addition to supplementing with 1000mg of omega-3 fish oil per day. On a revisit to the practice 6 months later she was still on the diet. She reported that her morning symptoms had disappeared after only three days following the anti-inflammatory diet! Along with feeling more energetic, the pain relief was so dramatic that she has decided stick to her new diet in order to remain pain free.


Per Sparf, Chiropractor, UK

I am a healthy, active, 71 year old woman who at the recommendation of Dr. Seaman over 20 years ago, have been following the deflaming diet and taking the nutritional supplements offered at In that time I have had no health problems whatsoever, aside from occasional allergies.


However, about 8 months ago, I fell on the cement floor of my garage and slammed my left shin on the edge of a wooden step. My shin was not only very swollen for several weeks, but it was very painful to even the slightest touch and very stiff. I regularly applied ice to reduce the swelling, which helped, but about 4 months later my ankle began to swell. When I visited my primary physician, he was concerned about the ankle and ordered an x-ray. Luckily, it was normal and in the next few weeks, the pain and swelling almost completely disappeared in both my shin and ankle.


Considering the nature of the injury, my doctor thought I might have fractured my shin and it healed on its own. After considering this information and the speed at which I typically recover from any kind of injury, ache or pain, this seemed like a reasonable possibility. Upon further thought, I am convinced that the reason for my speedy recovery and my potentially fractured shin healing on its own, was the direct result of years following the deflaming lifestyle, which has made my body stronger than the average 71 year old. In addition, maintaining that lifestyle after my injury helped reduce the inflammation and speed up the recovery process.


I am so impressed with how great I have felt for the past 20 years, that I would highly recommend anyone and everyone to follow the diet and supplement recommendations at, no matter your age. Not only can it help prevent serious health problems, but it can be effective in restoring many current health problems in which you might be suffering. I plan to live a very long time, and with the help of my deflaming lifestyle, I know that goal will become a reality.

I am a chiropractor currently in practice in Ellsworth, KS. On February 19, 2005, I was playing tennis with my two young children when I fractured my ankle (distal fibula). Approximately 4 weeks later, I had my wife, also a DC, begin adjusting the ankle which helped to immensely restore range of motion and decrease pain. Over time, it gradually became fully functional with little pain during the day. However, in the mornings I experienced great stiffness and aching which persisted for over a year and a half.


I tried various supplements to improve my condition during this time with no effect. After attending Dr. Seaman’s first session of a three part nutrition series, I began eliminating grains and omega-6 foods from my diet and increasing omega-3 foods. To my pleasant surprise, within only 2 weeks my ankle was no longer painful and stiff in the morning. I couldn’t believe the difference and quite honestly, still can’t. In addition to the much improved ankle, I experienced a 20 pounds weight loss. Overall, I am greatly impressed with how much better I feel after eliminating grains from my diet and increasing my intake of omega-3 foods, and taking the nutritional supplements recommended by Dr. Seaman.


Dr. Jeff Torkelson

Ellsworth, Kansas